Specializing in gourmet fresh figs and rare fig variety trees


The Correia family is a third generation California farm family.  We began growing figs for our home use in 1999 and in 2012 began greatly expanding our collection to evaluate the many varieties we had heard so much about.  We currently grow approximately 350 varieties.

We post photos frequently during the growing season to our Facebook page.  Even if you do not have a Facebook account, you can view how our seasons progress by checking out the hundreds of photos we have posted there.  We also have a YouTube channel where we've have videos on grafting and rooting and we have shared videos of over 340 fig varieties from which we picked fruit.  Some trees are still too young to bear fruit and we generally do not sell cuttings of varieties unless we've picked fruit from our trees to validate the variety name.

Our January 2021 annual sale of cuttings has concluded and we hope to offer cuttings again in January 2022.  We no longer ship cuttings outside of the U.S. in an effort to reduce or very heavy workload.  You may still refer to our cuttings page for variety descriptions and links to photos and videos and shopping cart buttons and prices will appear when the next sale commences.  We do not maintain a mailing list to notify followers when our cutting sale starts.  Please follow our web site and Facebook page for such updates.

Our fresh figs can be found at Bi-Rite markets in San Francisco and Corti Brothers Market in Sacramento around August and September.

We will attempt to answer questions but please check out our cuttings page and YouTube videos first for answers.  We have thousands of followers and cannot answer every question and still have time to prune, prepare and ship cuttings.  If necessary, we may be contacted via email:

Below are some photos of the early stages of our orchard development.

On August 2, 2013, we began the planting of fig trees in our new orchard.


On August 28, 2013, the drip irrigation installation was completed and a few more trees were planted.  Although the trees were just started from cuttings six or seven months ago, we've picked quite a few figs from some of the new trees.  Next year will be much better, of course.


By the end of 2014 it was clear that three rows of 46 trees was not enough room for all of the fig varieties we had acquired.  On April 3, 2015, three more rows were added with 46 tree spaces in one row and 47 spaces in the other two.


As of August 24, 2015, we had planted 270 trees in the new orchard with only eight spaces still available.  We tried to stop at six rows but by 2016 expanded to a sixth row and then, after that row filled up, we started planting trees in the middle of the original trees in that row and that row is now filled up with an 8' spacing between trees.